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Combine By - Laws







SEC. 1.

Membership dues shall include funds necessary to operate the office of the Combine Secretary and provide funds for the Piedmont Racing Pigeon Combine, Inc.


SEC. 2.

The total amount of annual dues shall be fixed, assessed annually, and ratified by the active members at the January meeting and are to be paid by each member. Club Secretaries are to collect these dues and remit them to the Combine Secretary/Treasurer before the February meeting.


SEC. 3.

A one time fee of $140.00 will be paid by any new member for crate usage. This fee will be assessed and due prior to their second year of flying with the combine.



SEC. 1.

Only active members in good standing shall be entitled to vote on issues coming before the Combine membership. Active members must be present at the meetings to have the privilege of voting.


SEC. 2.

In the event of a tie vote, the President or Presiding Officer shall cast the deciding vote.



A written ballot is required for:

-Amendments to the Constitution and By-laws -Change in race course and station -In all other voting at the discretion of the President or Presiding Officer when deemed necessary or expedient


SEC. 4.

Proxies shall not be permitted.





The President shall preside at all meetings of the Combine and perform such other duties pertaining to his office as required by these By-laws. He shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Race Committee in it's deliberation and will cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie except on the Race Committee. He shall appoint such special committees as may be required during his term of office.


SEC. 2.

The Vice President shall in the absence of the President or his inability to act, assume, and/or perform all duties of that office.





The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep and preserve the minutes of all Combine and Committee meetings, receive and dispatch all correspondence, and maintain an accurate account of all financial transactions. He will be responsible for issuing copies of the minutes to all members in attendance at each meeting. His account books shall be available for inspection or audit by the President or the President's designated committee. He shall maintain a list of all clubs, indicating the names, home and loft addresses, and telephone numbers of the respective members.


The Race Secretary will take exclusive charge of and manage the races, be accountable for the application of the prescribed and/or proper methods of entry, countermarking, and transportation of Combine racing pigeons in competition, opening of clocks, and the computation and recording of time and speeds. He shall prepare and distribute all diplomas and certificates of record.

He shall prepare and distribute race reports to member clubs within a reasonable time. In the performance of these responsibilities, he is empowered to establish such committees, appoint and designate individuals to assist him as he deems proper and necessary, and assemble the Race Committee to hear and judge protests. The Race Secretary shall plan and arrange for the liberation of the pigeons at all stations. He shall ascertain the weather and atmospheric conditions prevailing at the release points, at home, along the race course, and order liberation at a specified time when conditions are favorable and no smash is evident. The decision of the Race Secretary shall be final and any interference with him in the performance of his duties will not be tolerated. He shall serve as a member of the Race Committee.


SEC. 5.

The Race Committee shall consist of the Race Secretaries from each member clubs, the Combine President, and the Combine Race Secretary. The Race Committee shall hear and judge all matters, questions, disputes, and protests pertaining to the races. The Combine Race Secretary will cast the deciding vote to resolve any ties on issues before the Committee. In incidents where a Committee member is involved in a dispute, that member shall be disqualified and the President shall appoint a one time substitute. The Race Committee shall assist the Race Secretary in any matters when called upon .



When the level of lofts and/or number of birds competing in a Combine race

series drop to a number that is not in the best interest of the Combine, a request can be made by a Race Committee member to the Race Secretary to close or alter the race series. If a request is made, the Race Secretary will pole the remaining Race Committee and render a decision. If the race series is altered or closed, any remaining fees collected will be refunded back to the clubs based on lofts committed for that series. ,


SEC. 6.

The Board of Directors of the Piedmont Combine shall consist of all Combine Officers plus the Presidents and Race Secretaries of all member clubs.



At the discretion of the Combine President, a Combine Publicity Director may be appointed. The role of this appointed position is to promote the Combine and it's activities through whatever media is deemed appropriate. The individual holding this position would also be responsible for the publication and rendering of a Combine newsletter as deemed appropriate.



Any member charged in writing with dishonorable conduct, fraud, or impropriety shall be cited to appear before the Combine Board of Directors which will investigate the charges. If substantiated, the member shall be penalized to the degree that the Board of Directors deems appropriate. If a Director is involved in a dispute, he shall be disqualified and the Combine President shall appoint a one time substitute.







SEC. 1.

By vote of the active Combine members, various motions may be passed. Such motions shall not conflict with this Constitution and By-Laws and such motions must be entered into the permanent records of the Combine.



SEC. 1.

All questions on parliamentary usage that may arise shall be disposed of as provided for in Robert's Rules of Order.



SEC. 1.

In the event the Combine is dissolved, all assets will be liquidated or donated by the Remaining members in a manner that will promote the sport of Pigeon Racing.




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